Make a plan to visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan this a Journey of a land of folded by sand dunes, royal Heritage Haveli and with amazing forts & palace. Here you can stay in colourful palace hotels while on your Rajasthan tour packages and get interesting experience of the luxury being treated as a Maharaja. While travelling through to the historic cities of Rajasthan and knows some stories of heroic Rajput actions on your Rajasthan tour packages. You can listen the songs also by the days gone and be affected by the beauty of the arts & handicrafts of Rajasthan.  While you can enjoy the ride on a camel across the Thar Desert, and an elephant on Amber fort, to see an amazing tiger in the forests of you visit in Ranthambore National Park.

In Rajasthan there are many beautiful monuments which stand tall to make the world alert about its developing history. The whole character of the land is dynamic nature which is due to its good heritage, interesting culture, attractive desserts, awesome sand dunes and nice wildlife.

Major Attractions in Rajasthan:-

This incredible place offers many attraction places for the travelers. Place offers you something for each and every one and all one need to do pick an activity. Look at the main attraction places:

1. Jaipur:- Many tourists starts their Rajasthan tour from the city of Jaipur, it is the capital of the state and is also known as the ‘Pink city’. Thus the horizon of this city is outline by the pink colours of buildings and the place is mesmerizing enough to cast a spell on the viewers. Here the brilliant forts & palaces are here the main attractions places. The list of forts & palaces are including like Amber fort, Nahargarh fort, Moti Doongari etc. Here in Jaipur there is a famous place known as ‘Jantar Mantar’ which shows liberty to the travellers to explore their astronomy customs.

Amber Fort

2. Udaipur:- City of Udaipur is harshly called as ‘The lake city’ and is also established amongst the famous cities which found across the Indian land. This city becomes one of the most romantic and amazing traveler places due to the presence of many lakes, forts & palaces surmounting the city. Thus the main attraction of this city is the famous palace which is establish in the centre of the lake back at the time of 17th century. Other attraction places of this region including with a solar observatory, beautiful museum and national zoo. This city has preserved by the rich culture of the state of Rajasthan.

 lake palace

3. Jaisalmer:- Jaisalmer the name of this city is equal to dash and magic of the desert land. This region is controlled as a hostile terrain which is too different from any other city of the country. Thus the major attraction of this city is like Jaisalmer Fort, which was renowned in the 12th century. Desert city also has a huge number of royal havelis which were the built by the rich merchants who used to park the lands of during the history. Here you can enjoy the camel safari on the Thar Desert is an awesome experience in this city which can add charm to the Rajasthan tours.

Jaisalmer fort

4. Jodhpur:- This city Jodhpur stands at the border of the great Thar Desert and it is the second biggest city of Rajasthan. The powerful fort Mehrangarh fort is the most major attraction of this place, the building which is built by marble. Thus the huge forts make always their presence to the tourists.


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