Rajasthan India Tours

The Rajasthan is the magnetic land of set during the bare desert beauty, this is a perfect place for travelers and attractive destination doesn’t to be missed while visiting India. They offer an experience and you will cherish for a lifetime.  Thus the land equal with romance and courage are extremely good in culture, history and natural beauty. Always crawling with joy, colour and amity.

Here in Rajasthan India Tours many things are attached like miles of golden area of sand to the kaleidoscope of amazing forts, deluxe palaces and awesome havelis, every beautiful building establish having a legend of its own. Nice temples dates back over centuries dot the whole state, making it a famous pilgrim land for people from many faiths.

The Rajasthan is a land of dynamic colours, and also known for its bravery and humility. It has an amazing mixed bag in all of its forms like culture, people, customs, costumes, manners, dialects, music, cuisine and etc. This land is graced with strong forts, good culture & heritage, amazing palace havelis, beauty and natural resources.

Thus this is a land of good in music, art & craft, dance and adventure etc. a land that never close to deal & enchant. This deep seated buoyancy and dryness of the land is clear cut in every condition of the lifestyle of the people, soup-strainer moustaches and in the nice turbans and sported by the men and beautiful mirrored skirts and silver ornaments worn by women.

Covering over a huge land of desert, in Rajasthan, it is a home of cultural heritage. Some of the few cities of Rajasthan are identified by their amazing forts, few of forts are attract to the tourists for their uniqueness in terms of art & culture. Different types of food as well as clothes etc. to the uniqueness of Rajasthan.

Best places of Rajasthan:-


The Dargah is a small place located in the old religious centre of the city. This is a tomb of Moin-ud-Din Chishti. Thus this tomb is bordered by silver platform and crowned by marble dome. The enter place of Dargah is via Buland Darwaza that ends at the yard. Here you will see two huge bowls that were used to cook 2 to 6 tons of rice for needy person. The fort of Akbar crafted in 1570 and has an interesting museum with sculptures as well as Rajput security also. You may also see a collection of weapons from Mughal plus Rajput dynasty. Then the Adhai-Din-Ka Jhonpra is a mosque that is a prime illustration of Indo-Muslim style. There the pillars of the mosque are different and the walls are surrounded with arched entries from the Quran. Really the building was a Sanskrit school but was converted in to the mosque by Mohammad Ghauri in the year 1193.

ajmer dargah


Here in Bikaner you will enjoy the red bead of Rajasthan requires a break for seeing the fortress. And there are the complex of Raja of Bikaner and some temples:

The Chandra Mahal (Pleasure of the Moon)

The Shish Mahal (palace of mirrors)

The Ganga Niwas Palace

sheesh mahal

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