Exciting Rajasthan Tour Packages

There are many riddle continue to the border of the pleasure palace of Jal Mahal. This is about 300 years old, but its clear-cut date of establishment remains undiscovered. Well-known historians Vibhuti Sachdev and Giles Tillotson write in Building of Jaipur: The making of an Indian City, ‘Yet sometimes dated as late as 1775, it is likely that it was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh II, around 1734.’ Thus this little else is known about this palace with no chambers ─ it is a pavilion with a terrace garden, which built in the Rajasthani tradition of  ‘island resorts’ or ‘water palaces’ where royal families would seek their ‘pleasure’. The Jal Mahal is a tourist place in the Jaipur. This palace throughout the lake is the one of its kind of building which is famous for the amazing experience to the tourist will get while they visit to the place. The beauty of the place cannot be disclosed in words it can only be felt. The huge Man Sagar lake bordering the palace cum hotel in the middle and the crest touching the balconies is the simply a closing experience which every tourist zest for years.

If you are planning to visit and want to see this Jal Mahal you have to visit Rajasthan we are offering you tour package with name of Rajasthan Tour Packages where you will enjoy some other historical places of Rajasthan along with this Jal Mahal palace.  This magical land is famous for its historical places, good culture and fair & festivals. While visiting to Rajasthan can be a great lifetime experience for everyone. Here our colourful tour of Rajasthan represents different kinds of forts & palaces, wildlife national parks, desert safaris in amazing sand dunes and the delicious food of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan is the most colourful state of India and it represents a perfect mixture of natural beauty, ancient culture, romantic sites and fairness.

Beside the handicrafts are also available there are uptight, this is one of the richest states in the country. Here the Rajasthani craftsmen create the most lavish and the riches of valuables stone, leather, wood, ivory, glass, clay, brass, silver, gold and textiles etc. are given awesome shapes and forms. You will get many shops ranging from the superb ones to the humble priced shops. In the villages have their own craftsmen by the name of mobulla, favor by the local people.



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