Hotels in Rajasthan

Warm welcome, to get experience of Rajasthan! This is a land soaked in hues and history.  There is a magical stay rebound with an ancient culture and tradition. The Rajasthan State clinches in its lap of a diverse kaleidoscope of nature feeding from bright sand dunes to rough ranges to lovely land. This is attitude of the nature that fascinated the royal dynasties of the ancient area who added a blazing touch to the state by building some of the most imposing forts, lavish palaces, attractive gardens, elegant temples and a nice havelis each and every building is a masterpiece. Through the arrival of some great stories of heroism and romance still mirror in the golden landmarks that dot the whole Rajasthan.

While Rajasthan Tour Packages you will be treat as a Maharaja in the duration of your vacation, at Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan. You will enjoy riding an elephant into a grand court, dine in an amazing Durbar Hall, enjoying folk songs & dancers are perform the traditional dances of Rajasthan and stay in rooms with well furnished in luxury rooms, the turbaned agent in attendance, in Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan.

Anyone who is looking for a firsthand experience of Rajasthan’s good history and hospitality, thus there is no better idea than booking a stay at any of the deluxe hotels in Rajasthan. Glorious splendor coupled with the best of hospitality the luxury hotels of Rajasthan provide you the best of everything. Indeed, no Rajasthan Tours can be complete without a stay at one of its delightful heritage, standard and luxury hotels. It is a charming to know that most of the heritage hotels presently have served as castles, havelis and forts to the old Maharajas and the same is shows in their grand building and stuffed interiors.

Heritage Hotels

Hotels in Jaipur-

The Jaipur is one of the top leading tourist place in India there are different kinds of hotels to suit the emotions of kinds of classes of tourists such as deluxe hotels, heritage hotels, luxury hotels and economy hotels.

  1. Diggi Palace
  2. Alsisar Haveli
  3. Castle Kanota
  4. Rajputana Sheraton
  5. Chokhi Dhani Resort
  6. Jai Mahal Palace
  7. Hawa Mahal

hotel rajputana

Hotels in Jodhpur-

This city is known as the “Sun City” for its warm and bright weather the Jodhpur hotels offers to tourists the similarly dynamic services and hospitality, which makes their occupation an enjoyable experience.

  1. Ajit Bhawan
  2. Karni Bhawan
  3. Devi Bhawan
  4. Hotel Chandra Inn
  5. Hotel Ratnawali
  6. Mandore Guest House

Ajit Bhawan

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